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Digital Surveillance Equipment

A vital part of surveillance is to use state of the art, up to date technology, in digital surveillance equipment. Not only does it maintain a visual of necessary locations, if used correctly, can provide factual information; therefore assisting insurance claims, which can result in a quick turnaround for insurance compensation.

Digital recordings can also be used in a court of law, if a crime has occurred, possibly saving your company, or personal reputation from legal responsibility or claim.

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surveillance equipment!

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Digital Surveillance Equipment Specs

  • 240 frames per second recording
  • H.264 Hi Resolution Compression
  • Capable of obtaining license plate numbers, hit and runs, and lawbreakers
  • 580 lines of resolution
  • Vandal resistant housings
  • Optional Hi-speed Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)

In addition to these features, Galaxy Access also provides 1 year off site remote support.

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