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Over the past several decades Galaxy Access Systems has accumulated information which may assist you in your decisions to purchase gates, parking control equipment, ornamental fencing, video surveillance, access controls, and automatic doors.

Please review our most frequently asked questions. An answer is provided by clicking on a question below.

  1. Does Galaxy Access Systems provide any other services that I may not be aware of?

    Yes, we also offer turn-key service for automatic doors, coiling doors, lift-up overhead doors, and ICU doors. This means if you are building or renovating a government building, commercial structure, mix-use location, high-rise structures, residential complex, medical building, hospital, manufacturing plant, distribution center, etc… or any property that requires full service, Galaxy Access Systems offers turn-key products to cover your every need.

    All of our door products will work hand and hand with access controls, while video surveillance monitors door activity. Parking decks/parking locations may require doors with access controls, pedestrian gates, and video surveillance, which will monitor activity on the premises or can be remote viewed. Our gating systems offer control access for entry/exit of a property, as well as our barrier arm products. Additionally, we offer a selection of parking control equipment, all of which is turn-key with Galaxy. Galaxy Access Systems literally provides an array of product lines and services.

    Please contact our sales department directly, as they can answer any additional questions you may have: (770)-720-3222 or toll free (888)-994-2529.

  2. What is the average cost for an installed gate and access control system?

    Many factors can alter this answer. First, the measurements of a potential gate area, or how many lanes the gates will monitor, will establish size. Second, the choice between steel, aluminum, or iron products, and is the street appeal simple or ornate. Third, the weight of the gate panels, their length, and will the site allow for swing or slide gates, this also determines gate operators. Fourth, the frequency of the gates and their use (wear and tear) is a factor, in what type of gate operators will be used. As you can see, so many factors, and so many variables can apply. Galaxy Access Systems will supervise your plans; offering the absolute best gating system customized to your needs.

  3. From the time I give my approval for my gate system to be built, when can I expect installation?

    As each system is custom made to your specifications, Galaxy will initially visit the site, take measurements, and do basic site work. From this point forward, full installation should occur within 3-4 weeks. More ornate and decorative gates might require longer fabrication. Galaxy works hand and hand with every client to provide a time schedule which will work within your parameters.

  4. I live in Mississippi but Galaxy’s fabrication shop is in Georgia. Does it behoove me to purchase a gate from a local company?

    As Galaxy has offices in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Utah, we have placed each office to care/service almost every state. Mississippi is well within our scope of the South. Remember, Galaxy provides all information and details on products specifically tailored for your site. Other Gate companies may not provide due diligence in researching your actual need. Many of Galaxy’s customers are retrofit sites which were done incorrectly by our competitors.

  5. I already have a bi-parting iron gate. I want to make it access controlled, so I no longer have to leave my vehicle to unlatch the gate. Can this be done?

    Yes, Galaxy can utilize your existing steel, aluminum, or iron gates. Based on the weight and length of each panel, we can provide a system that will work best for you. Please note: we will require power to be within 20 ft of the gate area (accessible by light pole etc..) in order to provide electrical service. If this is not available, you will need to make arrangements with your electrical company, so they may bring electrical service to the gate line. We can take it from there.

  6. Can we have cameras installed at our subdivision’s gate line to view all comings and goings?

    Yes, Galaxy provides the most up-to-date advanced technology. We highly recommend camera’s for subdivisions, apartment complexes, condominium locations, and townhome entrances. Camera’s can assist with legal issues which may occur due to theft, vandalism, or gate damage. Specific camera’s are capable of providing full details of license plates, which can assist police, or insurance companies, in tracking responsible parties.

  7. We already have a gate but we need a maintenance package to keep our gating system up-to-date and working properly, do you offer this?

    Yes, Galaxy Access Systems offers a full array of packages to handle your specific requests and needs. Please contact our service department directly.

  8. We purchased our gate system from your company. When we need service, or if someone hits our gate, what kind of response time can we expect?

    If a call is received after hours our service department will handle the call first thing the next morning. All calls are logged and returned in chronological order. Some gate issues are fixable by phone, so we will determine your need, and whenever possible, help you to get your gates working again quickly.

  9. We have several apartment complexes which require new installs, retrofits, and camera upgrades. Do you offer discounts for multiple properties?

    Yes we do. Please contact our sales and service department for these details. We can also provide discounts for maintenance packages for all existing gating locations.

  10. We currently have our tenants entering our subdivision by key cards and we would like to upgrade to transmitters, is this possible?

    Yes, in most cases we can utilize the existing equipment, add a receiver, and provide transmitters in batches of 100 (for deeper discount) or individually.

  11. We have a horse farm and don’t require anything fancy, so we need our customers to enter by a ‘key in’ panel, is this possible?

    Yes, and this type of entry can also provide a phone system which will allow patrons to communicate with you directly, if they’ve forgotten or misplaced their entry code.

  12. Why should I purchase a maintenance package for our gates, aren’t they warranted?

    Yes, a full one year warranty does apply for the entire system after installation. What a maintenance package provides is scheduled visits thereafter to maintain and prevent normal wear and tear which might cause your system to malfunction. It is similar to a vehicle tune up, checking parts, making corrections, lubricating, and balancing the system to be sure it continues to run smoothly and will not unexpectedly break down. Maintenance extends the life of your gating system.


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